Three people were searching for the water of life, hoping to drink from it and live forever.  The first was a warrior:  he reckoned the water of life would be very mighty – a torrent or a rapid – so he went in full armor with all his weapons, believing he could force the water to yield to him.

The second was a sorceress:  she reckoned the water of life would be very magical – perhaps a whirlpool or a geyser, something she would need to manipulate with spells – so she went in her long star-spangled robe, hoping to outwit the water.

The third was a trader (like on Wall Street):  he reckoned the water of life would be very costly – a fountain of pearl-drops or diamonds, perhaps – so he loaded his clothes and briefcase with money, hoping to be able to buy the water.

When the travelers reached their destination, they found they had all been quite wrong about the water of life.  It wasn’t a torrent to be intimidated by force.  It wasn’t a whirlpool to be charmed by spells.  And it wasn’t a fountain of pearl-drops or diamonds to be bought.

It was a tiny, sparkling spring; its benefits were absolutely free – but of course, you had to kneel to drink from it.

This caused the seekers great anxiety.  

The warrior couldn’t bend because of his full armor.  

The sorceress had on a long dress and if it became soiled it would lose its magic.  

The trader was loaded with money and if he did no more than incline his head, the coins would fall out. 

All three of them dressed up, and the three could not lower themselves to drink from the spring of the water of life.  There was only one solution!

The warrior laid aside his armor; the sorceress laid aside her magic robe; the trader laid aside the clothes he had stuffed with money.  And then each of them – naked – could kneel to drink from the water of life and receive its sweet, cool, startling benefits.  



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    The Water of Life


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The Water of Life

By Fitrah.World